You’re Doing Something Dangerous to Your Dog!

There are lots of things that can hurt our furry best friends, but there’s something many of us do all the time that can kill our beloved dogs in under 3 minutes.

Does your dog wear its collar all the time?  I know, its convenient, and it just seems like the right thing to do.  What if he runs out the door and gets lost?  We want him to have his identification tags on, right?  I learned recently that leaving collars on our dogs is extremely dangerous.

Of course, anything left around an animal’s neck is inherently subject to being snagged on things as they move around our homes and yards, but the real danger is when dogs wear collars while playing together.  As dogs play, they naturally bite one another in the neck area…its just how dogs play.  They love to wrestle, and neck biting is a common way to gain advantage in a play wrestling match.  And when a collar is present, it makes a perfect tool for gaining more leverage in the game.   It’s all perfectly normal, healthy dog play.

The problem arises when one dog gets its bottom jaw underneath the collar and the other dog twists or turns to get away.  If the collar twists around the first dog’s jaw, suddenly the fun game is now a life or death struggle for one or both dogs.  Within 3 minutes, one or both dogs can be strangled to death.  And even short of death, as they fight to survive, they can cause massive trauma to one another just trying to escape the entrapment.

Every year thousands of dogs die in collar and gear-related accidents.  Follow these tips to protect you dog from such an accident.

  1. Use a quick-release collar
  2. Remove collars whenever possible, but ALWAYS when dogs are playing together
  3. Don’t allow your do to play with any dog who is wearing a collar or other restraining gear
  4. Always keep something nearby that you can use to cut off collars in the event of an accident
  5. Never leave training collars or other training gear on your dog when not doing training.  Training gear is often designed to be very secure and not easily removed.  Always use this gear ONLY for its intended purpose.

Keep it safe out there!  Take the collars off for playtime!


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