Group Distraction Training This Saturday

Reminder of the group distraction training session at our place this Saturday morning, 9-11am.  Open to all our customers and everyone on our mailing list.  Even if you’re not a training customer, or not even a customer at all, bring your dog(s) out and check it out!

For those coming to train, remember to bring leashes and treats, plus any equipment you need for working with your dog.  I have equipment, but can’t guarantee I’ll have what you need.  I did bring out the 1 meter wall jump for anyone who wants to give that a try.

Don’t feel obligated to stay for the full two hours.  Two hours of obedience training practice at one time is a LOT…probably way too much unless your dog is at an advanced level.  But 30-45 minutes of good solid practice is great for any dog at any level…even brand new beginners!

Remember, the key to any successful dog training is practice!

See you on Saturday!

Jeff & Katie


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