Dog Training Program Styles

What Type of Dog Training Program Should I Pick?

There are basically 3 types of dog training program from the dog owner’s point of view…Group Classes, Private Lessons and “Stay & Train”.

  • With group dog training classes, the trainer is showing the owner how to train their own dog.
    • It’s cheaper, but slower and requires far more effort on the owner’s part.
  • Private lessons are cooperative. The trainer is teaching the owner how to train the dog, but also doing the initial training work for them.
    • Private lessons are “middle of the road” on price and duration, but still require significant effort on the part of the owner.
  • “Stay & Train” programs include Day Training and Board & Train.    The trainer is doing all the training work then bringing the owner up to speed along the way.
    • Stay & Train programs are the most expensive options, but also the fastest and easiest for the owner.

When picking a dog training program, focus on what provides the most value for you and your family in your specific situation.  Are you most interested in the lowest price, the fastest results, or the least amount of effort? Do you want to be actively involved in the training process, or do you prefer to have the training done for you?  In the end, all of these different types of programs can ultimately produce the same great results for you.  The type you pick is really all about your goals, time requirements, limitations and personal preferences.

Regardless of which factors are most important to you, make sure you pick a trainer who has great references and a solid track record of producing good results, and whose style of training makes you most comfortable.  And make sure you pick the program that will make the biggest difference for you and your life with your dog.  Visit our dog training programs page to see what we offer.

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